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For Sale - For Trade : Rules

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  • For Sale - For Trade : Rules

    1. 10 Post Minimum. You will not be able to post something in the for sale or for trade forums until you have posted at least 10 times in the CDJW forums..
    2. Personal Sales only. There will be NO posting of items for sale by business.
    3. Jeep related parts/items only! I dont want to see used baby strollers or 9 year old cell phones being posted on the forums for sale. We are a Jeep site, lets keep it Jeep related.

    Things to remember when posting:

    1. People like to see pictures of the items they are buying. It also gives your post much more legitimacy.
    2. Be sure to post what sort of payments you accept
    3. Each for sale item MUST have a price associated with it.
    4. How old is the item? People like to know how long you have owned an item your trying to sell, let them know.
    5. What condition is the item in? Be honest with your posts - if its scratched up, make sure you let your audiance know.
    6. Location - Where is the item your selling located?
    7. Delivery or Pickup? Make sure you specify if the item must be picked up or shipped, if shipping - be sure to include a price.
    8. If the items your selling get sold, please edit your post and let everyone know the item is not available.
    Failure to follow the rules of this forum WILL result in removal of your thread.

    Note : Be cautious, courteous, and safe. This section is here as a courtesy to our members. Use these classifieds at your own risk - we do not check each and every post for legitamacy and by posting in these forums you agree that your using this service at your own risk. - Founder
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