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A Wrangler For Sale....sniff sniff, only 'cuz you gotta:

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  • A Wrangler For Sale....sniff sniff, only 'cuz you gotta:

    I have a 1994 Soft Top YJ for sale. Her name is 'Belfast', and if that makes you don't own a Wrangler!
    She is blue in color, because she's been around the world and back a few times. 237,000 miles on her! Her interior is rid of the carpets in '08 because of mold that attacked Maine, of all places. She was a metaphor for the US Economy. In 2008, Wall Street TANKED, and we found ourselves, with 2 Maine...laid off thanks to Mitt Romney's outsourcing of Starbuck's Equipment Service Division(I kid you not). He is still the 'Bain' of my existance. Looking for work, so finally coming back to Albany, where there were some jobs. Also this is where I bought her..almost 20 years Latham!
    She's a 4L...which you can't find today and a straight-6, unlike some of my friends and co-workers. She suffered only a single accident, back in 1998, in Atlanta, when a punk-assed sub-urbaned white kid rapping 'gangster whanna-be, thought he could blow through an intersection making a left turn in front of me, coming from the opposite direction in a tricked out Acura. The result was a slightly bent front right bumper that was replaced long ago...and a slightly off centered steering wheel, for me and for him, Belfast tore off his rear right wheel and quarter panel so he ended up dazed and some shrubs...with some disposable rap music still coming out of his car. Her (Belfast's)frame is still striaght.
    Today, she sits, quietly, in a parking garage at Saint Peter's Hospital, where I work. She needs a new exhaust system, and her umpteenth water pump should be replaced, but that's standard for this make and model. I love her, and sometime I go up and sit in her and read poetry to her(you don't have to). Her seats gotta go, but she still starts right up when I take her for tire air. She's off the grid right reg, insurance, or inspection and I have a long since surrendered Massachusetts plate on her(Jeesh....just being honest). She's ideal for someone that wants to restore her and play in the mud. I am going Manhattan soon, so you can understand the direction I'm going.
    I'm asking for 3K or best offer.
    I sure do miss those square eyes!
    Thanks for listening!

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