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How to get stuff out of the factory subwoofer

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  • How to get stuff out of the factory subwoofer

    Quick tip here for folks who have the factory JK (sunk into the floor) subwoofer...

    This past winter I tugged a hapless Civic out of a snowbank. The guy I was helping "helped me" by tossing my snow-covered recovery strap into the rear cargo area of my Rubicon once we got his car out of the snowbank. All of the snow on the strap basically went directly onto the mesh subwoofer cover, which then dropped directly onto the subwoofer.

    This presented a bit of a mildly enraging issue since said snow was now neatly caged between the sub and the mesh. I know the sub is labeled "weather resistant" but this was a lot of snow, and I really didn't want to use this as an opportunity to verify the factory claims. I also didn't feel like listening to 60Hz boomin' system music all the way to work (in hopes that it would agitate not only myself but also the snow into breaking down).

    Luckily the snow was of the super fluffy variety and I was close to home, so I zipped home and tried blasting the sub through the screen with some "Canned air" (compressed air in a can, which you can buy at most big box stores, etc.). The canned air worked a treat - blew that snow completely out almost instantly!

    Now I don't know how well this would work with wet snow or mud but that stuff should (theoretically) mostly be stopped by the mesh cover. I bet the canned air would work just as well on sand or pollen or cement dust or anything else of the dry powdery variety which might wind up in there someday.

    So there you have it - an easy solution to an admittedly minor issue, but probably worth sharing nonetheless.