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Yj frame swap.

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  • Yj frame swap.

    I have my 94 Yj with an unsalvageable frame. And a wrecked 89 with a good frame. Tearing apart the 89. I'm looking for info to see how to frame swap with as little work as possible. I'm hoping the good jeep will unbolt the body bolts, disco the drive shafts and engine mount bolts, then move it over all together. Just started this week. I hope it goes smoothly. If anyone has suggestions to make this easier, please advise.

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    I've done a frame swap on a '47 CJ2A, it's a lot of work, if your keeping everything except the frame, you have to remove everything from both frames, fuel tank springs, shocks, rear ends, steering linkage, all linkage, wiring etc. what about motors, even if there the same I think the 89 has a carb, and the 94 is fuel injected. (Not sure)
    What's wrong with the 89? If everything is good but the body it would be easier to just swap tubs.
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      The 89 with the good frame was in an accident. Went under a bus. My drive able 94 frame is cracked through with rot beyond welding a repair. If I separate the fuel lines, brake lines, I can sling it altogether n lift it I think. I just have to make sure that nothings attached to the frame.


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        I have 11 hours spent and down to the 89 frame. Kept most of it intact.


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          Just pulled up this old topic. Slightly off, need to ask... Any auto trannys for an 88 laying around?